We help NGO's those who help others. Our vision with the service is to help in branding, Online Presence, Simplifying Payment solutions, Helping in Funding. all through integrated digital mediums.

Digital Marketing for NGO's

Non-Government Organisations are no exception. As many are non-profit, this creates budget constraints and short staffing challenges to creating and implementing a comprehensive digital strategy. Many NGOs we’ve worked with in the past have expressed these challenges but show a desire for reaching and converting audiences online. With these challenges in mind, in this blog post, I aim to lay out a simple strategy to getting started with digital marketing for your NGO, ordered as stages in terms of priorities.

Every NGO needs branding to showcase their presence or existance, Branding creates presence, awareness and reputation. It plays a great role in converting leads.

Online Presence

Your non-profit should have a website. That goes without saying in our digital age.


We will submit the following documents to register our NGO at the variour areas.

Payment Solutions

Our latest extension is a payment gateway add-on, created especially for Indian organisations.

Projects & Reporting

we will prepare a General Introduction for NGOs. The Structure and Format of the Project Report.

Govt Approvals Submissions

To get funds and grant Schemes for NGO from Government,

CSRs Approvals Submissions

To get funds and grant Schemes for NGO from CSR Programms.


The NGO Management and Administration involves the observation and hands-on experience.

Sustain and Maintain

Looking at the perspective of donors and NGOs, sustainability of a project simply implies the continuation of project activities.

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